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Jag kommer hem helt varm i hjärtat efter en underbart mysig helg i bästa sällskapet. Ni vet känslan när man går o ler lite fånlyckligt för sig själv o känner det som att sitt inre dansar, så bra mådde jag. Och när jag sen öppnar brevlådan med det där fånleendet och möts av att ha fått en tidningen sänd till mig hela vägen från Kalifornien, (ja ni läste rätt, KALIFORNIEN) med en artikel där i om mitt fotograferande och bloggande som gått i tryck. Ja då dansade jag runt och tjoade på riktigt här hemma, haha!! Jag är så glad, glad, glad idag!! 
I somras fick jag en väldigt fin förfrågan sänd till mig om jag ville vara med i vinternummret nov/dec/jan 2018 för papperstidningen Artful Blogging. Ett utländskt magasin som hittat mina foton och skriver om kreativa människor som skapar, fotar och bloggar. Jag blev ombedd att skriva ett reportage om mig och mitt fotograferande samt bloggande på engelsak. Det resluterade i en artikel på 6 sidor, om ni är nyfikna att läsa har ni texten här nedan:


Catching Moments 
by Josefin Landhagen


I aim to live in the present, catching every moment both with my camera and my mind. As a creative person with a high sense of emotion, I have always felt the need to express myself in images and words. When others see my pictures, I want them to feel something. As a child, I was often painting and drawing — activities I found fun because I was free to create. I was shy at that time, but I welcomed the attention and praise I received through my pictures. It helped me to be seen as more than the shy girl I was known as. My creativity encouraged me to grow as an adult, and my blog helped me blossom and come out of my shell.


My blog has meant a lot to me over the years. It has encouraged my personal development as well as opened up opportunities and challenges. Not only has my blog pushed me to become stronger as a person but also to reach out with my creativity. Applying to art school was an obvious choice — it suited me well. During this time I was introduced to my greatest passion: photography. My restless side caused me to lose motivation when painting and drawing a picture. I am often self-critical and sometimes find myself stuck and unsatisfed despite many days of work.This is why photography suited me better: A photography is complete almost instantly. In my photography, I am driven by catching moments in time.


On my forearm, I have a tattoo that says “Carpe Punctum,” which translates to “seize the moment.”This idea is most important to me. It’s not only present in my photography but also as I’m living my life. I named my blog My Happy Days because I’ve primarily chosen to focus on joy. I want the blog to be filled with joy — a happy place with easy tones, and a reminder to take care of the days you have and make the best of them. I long for my visitors to have a positive, harmonious feeling after visiting my blog: First by looking at my photos and then by reading the posts I write. It is like we say in Sweden, “spreading rings on water.” If I give out a happy feeling, my visitors will bring it along and spread the joy in their own lives. 

My content and blog posts combine to form a photographic blog filled with details from my everyday life. I share posts about my children, our home (I love home decorating and mixing old and new things in a personal way), and recipes for cooking and baking, and I hope to fill my followers with endless inspiration. My signature photography is utilizing light. Did you know that the word “photography” literally means painting with light? My blog is the point of my creative outlet. It keeps me interested in photography and motivates me to photograph every day. I have the opportunity to express myself in writing, and the blog is perfect for me that way. 


Learning from experience, I will leave you with three writing tips that have helped me when I feel stuck for inspiration:

1) Make lists! Write down different headings and content that you want to write about.

2) Prepare posts when you feel inspiration, so you can have nished content ready to publish whenever needed.

3) And last but not least, ask your readers what they are interested in reading!


Living in Sweden in a town called Norrköping, Josefin Landhagen is a single mom to her son, Pontus, and her daughter, Meja. To learn more, visit her blog at and follow her on Instagram ( and Facebook (happydaysblogg). She welcomes email at jose 


Postat av: Annie - Fotograf i Linköping & Stockholm

Vad häftigt, vilken känsla! Grattis :D

Svar: Tack, ja jättekul! ☺️
Josefin -My Happy Days-

2017-11-06 @ 17:13:53
Postat av: Agnetha

Du är jätteduktig . Stort grattis.

Svar: Tack så mycket Agnetha! :)
Josefin -My Happy Days-

2017-11-07 @ 10:33:10

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